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Afionas - Porto Timoni


Afionas is one of the oldest villages of Corfu on the northwest side of the island. It is located at an altitude of 133 meters and is built on the top of a high rock outcrop just opposite the bay of Agios Georgios, with its golden beach, and overlooking the Diapontia Islands of Ereikousa, Othoni and Mathraki and rocky islet of Gravia. This charming, antiquated village has many renovated and well-kept houses with characteristic bright paint colours and is harmonized with the typical architecture of the island, the narrow streets and the paved cantonments among the courtyards overgrown with flowers.

Porto Timoni is devided into two beaches combined by a narrow strip of land. Each one of the beaches has a different water temperature, so you can choose on which side you prefer to swim. The water is crystal blue and the beaches are covered with pebbles. You can also go to Porto Timoni by boat from the beach of Saint George Pagon.