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Roda is a small lovely sleepy fishing village. Situated 38 kilometres Northwest of Corfu town ( Kerkyra ), on the northern tip of the Ionian Islands. Roda has one of the longest sand/shingle beach with shallow waters safe for swimming, each stretches for 4 kilometres along the length of the village and has been awarded a blue flag.

Unlike some of the resorts, most of the original buildings still stand, giving Roda a unique quality. Across the blue waters, lies the amazing coastal mountain range of Albania and behind Roda is Pantokratoras the highest point on the island of Corfu, the scenery is therefore spectacular.

An ideal destination for everybody of all ages. It is possible to go long beautiful walks, (on the flat) walking if you like amongst nature. Trekking is also available if you like horse riding. On the sea front there is a water sport school. Several car offices are dotted around the village.

Again, on the beach it’s possible to hire boat or book on or organised cruised to visit other resorts. Mini go-karts are available for a unique experience. There are many pools, shops,super markets, restaurants, taverns and bars for everyone.

A small place that you can find everything you wish for on holidays. Certainly Roda provides the perfect destination for families or the independant travellers and being totally on the flat, makes getting around extremely easy going.

It is well worth seeing Sant George’s church in the middle of the village, dated 17th century, as well as the unique ruin of the temple of Apollo, dated from 5th century B.C.