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Kavvadades is a large village built at an altitude of about 120 meters in a golden, green olive grove. Kavvadades is 33 kilometers away from the city of Corfu. The name of the village comes from the surname Kavvadis or Kavvadas. Kavvades were manufacturers of kavadi, a kind of military robe worn by the Byzantines. It is from there that derives the surname Kavvadis, as well as Kapsokavvadis, surnames that are frequently encountered in Kavvadades. A gem of Kavvadades is the mansion of the family Dendrinos from the 17th century. It is an impressive edifice with three imposing entrance gates and elaborate small doors. In the complex of Dendrinos are located the ruins of the church of Agia Varvara. Andreas Dendrinos, deputy of Corfu, had a major role concerning the independence of the agricultural areas in Corfu, a matter which tormented the farmers for many years after the integration with Greece.